Effective February 1, 2017:

STANDARD WATER                                                                                 STANDARD SEWER
Minimum Charge: $24.60                                                                           Minimum Charge $18.00
Plus $ 4.26 per thousand gallons for 1 – 10,000 gallon usage                  Plus $ 1.45 per thousand gallons
Plus $ 5.06 per thousand gallons for 10,001 – 20,000 gallon usage         of metered water
Plus $ 6.12 per thousand gallons for 20,001or more gallon usage

For customers whose meters are larger than the standard 5/8”x ¾”, rates will be adjusted by meter size. 
​Limited sewer service area - sewer rates only apply to customers eligible for sewer service.

Public Participation Opportunities:
Board of Directors Meetings
Second Monday of each month
7:00 p.m. in the District Office